Our History

On June 19, 1978, Mr. Frank Michael Cruz was appointed U.S. Probation Officer of the District Court of Guam by the Honorable Cristobal C. Duenas, Chief Judge. On November 12, 1982, he was appointed Chief U.S. Probation Officer by Judge Duenas. Prior to the Chief Cruz's appointment, probation and pretrial services were provided by the Superior Court of Guam.

With the inception of the Guam probation office in 1978, services were also provided to the District Court of the Northern Mariana Islands (N.M.I.) on a limited basis. On October 9, 1997, the Honorable Alex R. Munson, Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court of the N.M.I., requested from the Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts the establishment of a permanent full-time probation officer in the N.M.I.. As a result of this request, in 1998, the Guam probation office opened up a field office in the District of the NMI with the appointment of a probation officer from that district.

The U.S. Probation Office was initially manned by Chief Cruz and Mrs. Flora McIntosh, who was hired as a Probation Clerk. Since 1978, the Probation Office has grown to a staff of 16, to include two probation officers in the N.M.I. On June 22, 2007, Chief Cruz retired after having served the District Courts for 29 years. Rossanna Villagomez-Aguon now oversees the operations of the probation office since her appointment as Chief U.S. Probation Officer for the Districts of Guam and the NMI on November 29, 2007 and December 13, 2007 respectively, by the Chief Judges of both district courts.